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A little birdie once told us that the Google +1 button is used 5 billion times per day. And that’s how it all started – that’s how we got into social media optimization. Jokes apart, we were among the first few ones to realise that social media would soon be the next big thing, which it is today, no doubt. Wait a minute – don’t you want your share of it – this “big” thing that everyone’s dying to grab a piece of? You do? Well then, that’s what we get you. We make sure that if your audiences are “socially active”, you get to benefit from their activeness and that you meet them right where they are, without having to look for another place to set up a meeting.

We look beyond the networking sites

Those into social media optimisation often fail to see that there’s a world outside Facebook and Twitter. We don’t. We for one know that if we are to publicize you or your products through social media, we can also make use of RSS feeds and bookmarking sites. And why not! After all, they serve the same purpose(s) as the popular social networking websites:

We can develop a voice for your brand

More often than not, SMO in India is only used for promotion – the promotion of your products, any event that you may have lined up and so on. We take advantage of it for a different reason – giving your voice a brand. It is for this reason that you may find us talking of the 3 C’s:

We have strategies that work

As SMO experts, we try and develop an understanding of your cross-channel audiences and then tailor our strategies accordingly. In fact, we avoid broadcasting the same information across different channels for we know in-depth content won’t do any good, if shared on Instagram and Pinterest and that Twitter won’t let us reap the rewards of multimedia. We also use social media for customer service – something that most of the other SMO firms in India may not even think of; guess what – it works for us. And you know what are we really good at? Listening! That’s how we get our insights.

Why Clients Choose Us
Exceptional Quality: Trex Force Marketing has gained a reputation for delivering its services well before the deadlines, and yet, not falling short of the expected quality standards by even an inch.
Competitive Pricing: Taking the characteristic challenges in mobile application endeavor head-on, we leverage our core competencies to create cost-effective apps that give you a firm footing.
ISO 9001 Processes: We help you deploy applications that adher to ISO 9001 processes, and contain the wherewithal to transform the market riding on their ingenuity and incisiveness.
Result-Driven Methodologies: A lucid view of project goals powers us to address the client demands for robust solutions that do not skimp on the customization capabilities.
24/7 Technical Support: Customer-satisfaction is at the very fibre of Appsted's service, even after project completion. Our 24/7 support is aimed to resolve your issues, as and when you face them.
Skilled Developers: Our in-house developers and designers combine their expertise with the latest tools to manufacture a host of intelligible solutions that boast of top-of-the-funnel features.
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