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No matter what anyone may say, at 18th Technology, we are of the opinion that SEO is not dead, at least real SEO is not. In fact, if anything, it’s thriving. Come on, look at the stats. On one hand, the so-called experts say that as many as 70-80% of users tend to ignore the paid ads and rather focus on the organic results, and on the other hand, the same experts then claim search engine optimization doesn’t work.

We only implement modern SEO techniques

There was a time when keyword repetition worked. It no longer does. These days, you need to play smart and probably use synonyms and/or related words. That’s exactly what we do. Also, we don’t target the most competitive keywords right from the very beginning and work on the mid-tail and longtail ones to get you the best results. Not many other providers of SEO in India do that. Take our word for it!

We keep an eye out for updates

Whenever there’s news that Google might penalise sites which engage in a specific kind of activity, we are among the first ones to take note of it. Also, we took Panda and Penguin quite seriously. Rest assured here at 18th Technology, all algorithms are paid heed to irrespective of how frequently they may change.

We create compelling content

We may be on our way to becoming one of the leading providers of SEO in India, but we have always believed that creating SEO-friendly code is easy. To a great extent, what has helped us surpass competition is that we know what it takes to come up with good content – and believe us – that’s the difficult part.

Why Clients Choose Us
Exceptional Quality: Trex Force Marketing has gained a reputation for delivering its services well before the deadlines, and yet, not falling short of the expected quality standards by even an inch.
Competitive Pricing: Taking the characteristic challenges in mobile application endeavor head-on, we leverage our core competencies to create cost-effective apps that give you a firm footing.
ISO 9001 Processes: We help you deploy applications that adher to ISO 9001 processes, and contain the wherewithal to transform the market riding on their ingenuity and incisiveness.
Result-Driven Methodologies: A lucid view of project goals powers us to address the client demands for robust solutions that do not skimp on the customization capabilities.
24/7 Technical Support: Customer-satisfaction is at the very fibre of Appsted's service, even after project completion. Our 24/7 support is aimed to resolve your issues, as and when you face them.
Skilled Developers: Our in-house developers and designers combine their expertise with the latest tools to manufacture a host of intelligible solutions that boast of top-of-the-funnel features.
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